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Everything is Possible
Once you put in intention and focus

Once you're ready to get started, my first step is to get to know you, your struggles, and your interests. This way, I can come back to you with a fully personalized plan to get you where you want to be!

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Personalized Support

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I work with clients on a month to month basis with the option to meet once or twice per week, virtually or face-to-face in Barcelona. You can also enjoy your 1-hour sessions with a partner.

Depending on meeting location, extra fees may apply. 



Once Per Week

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In-Person: €200 / month

Online: €160 / month

Partner Sessions: + 119 / month



Twice Per Week

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In-Person: €360 / month

Online: €280 / month

Partner Sessions: + €219 / month

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Want to grow even more during our time together? Maybe twice per week is not enough, or maybe you'd like some extra support to stay on track? I'm all about personalizing to your unique situation! Let's talk about your goals and set the perfect amount of sessions together!

Your Customized Option

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You like it so much you want an extra session?

You got it! Extra sessions are €30.

And, families and friends love bonding together with virtual sessions from wherever they are in the world... Bring as many people as you want for +€10 each!

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Wait a Sec, It Gets Even Better?

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You didn’t think I’d leave you with half the solution, did you? Most of us know that staying healthy is a matter of both fitness AND nutrition, which is why I’ve teamed up with my peer, Andrea Denolle


Andrea is a Nutritional Therapist and works with people to help them get healthy through better eating. Together, we create a holistic solution and path to a healthy lifestyle.


Here’s what you get from working with us both in this capacity:


Andrea Denolle
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The full "Enthusiastic Plan"

+1 additional session for free

2 in-depth nutrition sessions with Andrea:

  1. Creating your goals and plan for rebalancing your diet.

  2. Then a clear followup on your new habits and the chance to continue progressing.


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What Fitness Trainees Say:


I heard about Mathi from word of mouth and now I feel very good about making the decision to work with her after seeing the increase in my strength and stamina!

-Enrico, Italy

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