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Awaken Your Natural Strength
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With Personal Fitness Training


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I’m Mathi.

I’m a personal trainer who keeps ambitious individuals accountable on their personal fitness journeys. 

I know how it feels to be working in the corporate setting, always at the will of constant deadlines and tight schedules. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was until one day when a company-sponsored fitness class reminded me of how good it felt to work out like I did when I was younger. 

In that moment, I decided I would never drop sports again. I had found my freedom and my joy in the time I set aside to move my body.

I soon transitioned careers so that I could help others find that same freedom through movement (whatever that movement looks like for them)!

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I help people create true transformation in harmony with nature and their essence.


We build our endurance, discipline, and strength together with training and consistent workouts.


We foster fluidity, flexibility, and creativity through explorative exercise and trying new disciplines.


We experience a sense of freedom from everyday "problems" and find ourselves vitalized and energized again.


We get ground ourselves with connection to each other, nature, and our inner essence. 






Oh, there’s something else you should know about me:

I Believe in Sustainable Health.

And my goal is to help you leverage it to awaken your energy, confidence, and true power to reach your goals

Here is what it looks like to work with me:



Book a call so we can chat and get to know each other!

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What Trainees Say:


Mathi is not only very skilled but is also dedicated and takes her work seriously. She is attentive, easy to connect with, and is great at communicating and explaining. I recommend!


-Loïc, Luxembourg

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Want to know a bit more about what I offer before you make any decisions?

That’s understandable.

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Copyright 2020 Mathi Michaud

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