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My mission is to awaken the energy, confidence, and natural beauty in my clients whose daily lives can sometimes takeover their wellbeing. I’m here to support them in the process of getting stronger both physically and mentally so that they can boldly pursue their goals and ultimately, make the world a better place.


Offering You a Safe Space for
Exploration, Connection, and Growth
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The Story Behind it All

When I was young, I was always very active, practicing gymnastics and enjoying activities in nature like walking, biking, and climbing trees with friends. But after I finished studying at university in France, I had moved to Chile and began my career in a big multinational company, one of the Big Four accounting firms, and after a short while, I started feeling like my body was calling for help.


I realized that somewhere along the way, behind studying, working, traveling, and maintaining my social life, I’d lost focus for sports, and for that, I was paying the price. I was tired and uncomfortable, and I longed to feel like I did when I was younger, with a sense of freedom in my body and energy to reach for more.


But after I attended a company-sponsored Zumba class, I immediately felt like little Mathi had returned, which is why I promised myself at that moment that I would never drop sports again. The positive impact they made on my life was incredible.


After that, I continued to make time for physical activity, even after transitioning to another busy corporate job as a brand manager for a renowned Chilean winery. In fact, I spent 3 hours every day traveling to and from a gymnastics center where I could recover my strength and endurance as an amateur gymnast. 


training for confidence

At some point, I was going through a heartbreak and a friend of mine insisted that I join her in a pole dancing class. Of course, I was a bit skeptical because of the typical stereotypes, but in the end, I went anyway. And I was so glad that I did because once more, I felt little Mathi waking back up inside me. I really enjoyed pole dancing and was inspired by its artistic nature in comparison to my disciplined training in gymnastics. So I continued to explore more artistic disciplines while maintaining my work in gymnastics, and had my first ever contact with an aerial hoop!


I continued with this momentum after moving to Barcelona soon later. The very first thing I did in the city was run into an aerial hoop dance, where I truly fell in love with the discipline that made me feel like I was literally flying. Since then, I met many beautiful people through those activities, and grown so much as a person, that I decided to dedicate more of my life to it.


Throughout the years, I have been guided by excellent teachers and coaches, from my childhood gymnastics coach to my most recent aerial teachers. I remember the role that every single one of them played in who I’ve become today.


Now, I want to give back as a fitness trainer and be that person for others and give them that guidance and space to ask. I know how powerful that relationship can be, even though each experience will be so different than mine. I know that the process is about exploring and discovering what works for the individual. I just want to be the person that helps you get there.

A Few Fun Facts...

I am French.
But I live in Barcelona and speak French, English, and Spanish.

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"When I don't feel good enough, when things get crazy around me, training grounds me- or rather, it takes me off the ground and lets me fly."

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